Our People

In Lenus & Liew Management Consultants, the emphasis on their people is 4 Es and 4 Cs.


All our consultants are well-qualified based on their education. They have engineering, accounting and finance, legal and business management backgrounds. This is a valuable asset.


Our consultants had working experience in international certification body. They have experience in auditing and certification processes. They have also accumulated experience in provision of consultancy to organizations of various sizes from various industries. Moreover, they had worked in organizations that had established and implemented management systems in accordance with various prestige International Standards.


All our consultants are Registered Lead Auditors with IRCA, UK. They had audited hundreds of companies in various industries against various management systems. They had audited multi-national corporations, local enterprises, government departments and organizations with overseas operations.

Ethical character
Our consultants maintain the highest ethical character. Information gathered in the course of our consultancy works will be maintained at the strictest confidentiality. Your information will not be disclosed to any other parties without your consent.

Our consultants are confident in delivery consultancy projects and training courses.

All our consultants are bi-lingual. They are proficient in both English and Chinese.

Committed to their works
Our consultants are committed to their works. Milestones and targets are set for each project.

Customer focus
Customers are important to us. Serving customers is our way of life.

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