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Our services include:

Management Systems Consultancy
Business Continuity Management (BCM) Consultancy
Internal and Second Party Auditing Services
Public and In-house Training Services
Customer Satisfaction Survey
Outsourced Quality Management functions


At your service

Management Systems Consultancy

We provide consultancy for establishment and implementation of various management systems including, but not limited to, the following:
ISO 9001 Quality Management System
þ ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
þ ISO 50001 Energy Management System
þ SS 577 Water Efficiency Management System
þ ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System
þ ISO 13485 Quality Management System for Medical Devices
þ GDPMDS SS 620 - Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices




To survive, you need to put things in place ů.

Business Continuity Management Consultancy

Do you want to safeguard your business against potential threats?

A Business Continuity Management (BCM) System in accordance with ISO 22301 Standard could be implemented to keep your business going during the most challenging and unexpected circumstances.

Our consultancy services will cover the following areas:
þ Establish Business continuity objectives and plans.
þ Conduct Risk Assessment (for internal and external risks).
þ Perform Business Impact Analysis (BIA) for both qualitative and quantitative business impacts.
þ Formulate Business Continuity Strategies
þ Set up appropriate and effective Business Continuity Procedures.
þ Create awareness among your staff.
þ Test and evaluate the Business Continuity Programme.
þ Establish system for performance evaluation.
þ Ensure that your system is certified by an accredited certification body.

Build resilience. Enhance reputation. Business continuity is also about business survival.

Internal and Second Party Auditing Service

Internal Auditing Service is available for those certified companies. Regardless of your certification body, we are able to assist your company as we are independent.

We will conduct internal audit to ensure your compliance with internal procedural requirements and readiness for external audit.

Our service is not limited to internal audit only; we also extend our services to the following:
þ Review previous internal audit findings and closure of any non-conformity.
þ Review previous external audit findings and closure of any non-conformity.
þ Review external Audit Plan (if any).
þ Prepare Audit Plan / Schedule.
þ Conduct internal audit based on established audit scope, criteria and methodology.
þ Report audit findings.
þ Review effectiveness of corrective action.
þ Provide technical supports during external audits.

Training Services

We conduct public and in-house training courses for staff at all levels. Some of the courses include, but not limited to:
þ ISO 9001 Awareness Course
þ ISO 14001 Awareness Course
þ ISO 50001 Awareness Course
þ SS 577 Awareness Course
þ ISO 45001 Awareness Course
þ ISO 13485 Awareness Course
þ GDPMDS Awareness Course
þ Business Continuity Management Awareness Course
þ Flu Pandemic Business Continuity Awareness Course
þ ISO 9001 Internal Auditor Course
þ ISO 14001 Internal Auditor Course
þ ISO 50001 Internal Auditor Course
þ SS 577 Internal Auditor Course
þ ISO 45001 Internal Auditor Course
þ ISO 13485 Internal Auditor Course
þ GDPMDS Internal Auditor Course
þ Management Representative Training
þ Leadership and Managerial Skills Development courses
þ Team Building Exercises
þ Customer Relationship Management Course

Our experienced Consultants are able to share their valuable auditing experience with the participants. Relevant tips for preparing external audit will be highlighted. Common audit findings will be shared with participants.


Invest in your business; invest in your people.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Service

You need not do time-consuming customer satisfaction survey yourself and be blocked down by all the paper works now! You can engage our service to fulfil the ISO 9001 requirements and to understand your customer better.

As we are independent party carrying out the survey, more genuine feedback will be provided by your customers.

Our systematic and consistent approach and unique data analysis will ensure that the results are comparable and useful decision can be made. We guarantee you that all the information will be kept to the strictest confidential.

Companies engaging our service will reap the following benefits:
þ Free up internal resources
þ Reduce paper works
þ More objective approach
þ More genuine feedback
þ Results are more conclusive
þ Continual improvement


Are your customers more satisfied now than before?

Outsourced Quality Management Functions

Companies wish to focus on their core business can outsource their non-core business activities to us. Some of the functions we can assist include, but not limited, to the following:
þ Document Controls
þ Customer Satisfaction Survey
þ Monitoring of Objectives and Data Analysis
þ Internal Auditing
þ Documentation of Management Reviews
þ Quality management / control functions (Incoming, in-process and final)

Companies engaging our services will reap the following value-added benefits:
þ Free up internal resources for focusing on core business.
þ Maintain objectivity in customer survey
þ Able to identify problem areas
þ Fulfil the companyĺs procedural requirements
þ Ensure readiness for external audits
þ Continual improvement
þ Imparting knowledge and skills to the staff

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